Welcome to Encelade‘s website, a techno-humanist artist living in Metz, France.

Encelade’s music, in between trip-hop, ambient and glitch, is a support for expressing his view of human being, and of his questions about human nature, its beauty, and its complexity – as a unit element, immersed in a species, and in an environment to compose with.

Video, Developments and Literary supplement Encelade’s artistic approach.


Atelier (1st EP, june 2016)


Waiting for Homeorhesis, first EP out in june 2016 – a collection of some works made between 2014 and 2015 (tribute, video games and movie).

Downloadable on bandcamp, donationware.


Kaleidos (Mixage Fou 2016, binaural – prized)

Participation to Mixage Fou 2016 contest, in the “binaural” category, prized by the partner Bande Annonce : thansk to Bande Annonce, organizing team, jury, partners and public ! 

Binaural synthesis allows to define a 3D sonic space, more complete, with listening to headphones. Synthesis algorithm simulate some geometrical and physiological parameters, to reconstruct a spatially richer perception.

It is then necessary to listen this track using headphone to heat the binaural effect.


Transhuman (Homeorhesis)

Track from Homeorhesis album, under production (should be out on autumn 2016).