9 – The Noosphere

Music : Encelade

Noosphere is the sphere of human thought. This concept, initiated by Edouard le Roy and Vladimir Vernadsky, has been named so by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in 1922.

It describes an immaterial sphere made of human thoughts, a sphere in permanent growing that human being constantly feeds, and from where it can take elements of reflexion. It is then a whole bunch of available knowledge. An illustration of this concept is the simultaneous apparition, at different points of the globe, of similar innovations even if inventors do not know each other.

After branes have initiated our universe, earth progressively formed to produce the geosphere.
Life forms generated biosphere, using geosphere back.
With human being, and its technological developments allowing minds connexion (writing, printing, radio, television, Internet), emerges the noosphere, based in return on both biosphere and geosphere.

This sphere is constantly under development and enrichment ; in good as in bad, for the species, and the individual.

It contains all sources for past, present and future errors and tragedies, but also all the solutions to all our problems – past, present and futur: individual salvation is in reflexion.

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