Video game

O’Cult (2016)

Main theme of “O’Cult“, an on-line video game made in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2016 at Technoport (Belval, Luxembourg) with COIN.

Only voices samples have been used for this track (re-sampled and filled with effects), from Mixage Fou 2016.

This year’s theme : Ritual.


Dual Run (2015)

Soundtrack of a video game by Cyrille Bonard for mobile device, “Dual Run” (facebook).


Saucide Squad (2015)

Saucide Squad, Global Game Jam 2015 with COIN and Technoport, Belval, Luxembourg.


Cloclo vs Taxinspector (2014)

Global Game Jam 2014 with COIN and Technoport, Belval, Luxembourg.

Link for game: blog Noliv


Bubar Slasher (2014)

Global Game Jam 2014 with COIN and Epitech Nancy.

Links : the game and les bubars.


J. NITAL (2014)

Jean-jacques the Narcoleptic, or the Incredible Tale of an Average Late Start.

Global Game Jam 2014 with COIN and Epitech Nancy.


Le chat de Méliès (2014)

Video game from Global Game Jam 2014 with COIN and Epitech Nancy.


Jump & Puke (2012)

Global Game Jam 2012, soundtrack of an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad game “Jump & Puke“, made in 48 hours (aim of the Global Game Jam).

Freely available on App Store (iTunes).


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