Domaine Meix Foulot (2016)

Soundtrack of a promotional video for a french wine estate (Domaine Meix Foulot, Mercurey, Bourgogne), produced Aerolux and Mannmann, in relation to Sonopraxis (more details to come). 


Babastel (2015)

Electronic compositions for Cyprien de Kerria‘s movie, “Babastel”.






Audi Talent Awards (2014)

ATA 2015 : three video, without any sound, are provided. The complete soundtracks have to be made from scratch : music, sound effects, eventual dialogue.

Thanks to Léla Frite (also here, and there) for dubbing in the second video, “La vitesse du passé”.




Transmédia 3 (2014)

Jingle made for the Transmedia 3 meeting, at Nancy, France (video). Meeting dedicated to professionals and amators in the field of video, audiovisuel and trans-media projects : movie maker, graphist, musician, technician, photographs, actors…

I made a speech untitled “MIDI : Ecosystem and Musical production process”, downloadable here (in French). 

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