Max is a development environment optimized for real-time audio and video data treatment.  

Max and big tactile screen (Proof-of-concept, 2016 – Sonopraxis)

Max patch made to explore possible uses of big tactile screen in musical context, with Technoport SA and Digitaria.

We currently study how such control device could be used in Computer Assisted Music :

  • for composition/creation : large and taylormade Graphical User Interface, multitouch, immediate access to several different parameters…
  • for learning process : several people around the table, each having his/her own interface, in close distance to the teacher and replicating the actions. Proximity of people facilitate communication, gesture observation, and direct interactions. 
  • for sound performance : two people working in multitouch in a a common numerical production space. 

Digitaria_Sonopraxis_Technoport_2016_Surface_1_1 Digitaria_Sonopraxis_Technoport_2016_Surface_1_2
Digitaria_Sonopraxis_Technoport_2016_Surface_1_3 Digitaria_Sonopraxis_Technoport_2016_Surface_1_4
Digitaria_Sonopraxis_Technoport_2016_Surface_2_1 Digitaria_Sonopraxis_Technoport_2016_Surface_2_2

Heterotopia (application Max, 2015)


Available for Windows and Mac OS, Heterotopia has been developed for the “Cycles” installation, made by Franck Schweitzer.

Cycles is a sono-visual representation of the concept of phenomenon periodicity in which lives human being. This set-up is a diptych made of two video screen diffusing indoor on two opposite walls. One screen presents a video showing different body part, reflecting emotion, feelings, of human being ; the other screen materializes energy, depicted by a rotating helix. The soundtrack of Cycles is made by a soloist, improvising on real-time moving moods produced by Heterotopia.

Heterotopia creates a random sonic environement based on samples and FX all triggered following a simple stochastic (i.e. based on random parameters) process. Sample are played randomly, and FX, panoramic and volume evolve according to probabilites laws and values defined by the user.

In Cycles, interaction of both projections, soloist, and Heterotopia, tries to draw a relation between visible and invisible, material and energy, human being and universe. 

Heterotopia is freely downloadable.


Midi & Human-Machine Interaction