7 – n-1


Musique : Encelade
Excerpt : Jiddu Krishnamurti
Image : Alain Moeyens

During his evolution, human being develops thinking and organisation systems allowing to change its surrounding world.

As Time and Progress go on, these systems are improved, fought, replaced, abandoned.

Real progress is not the replacement of an age by an other one, but complementarity between ages: to know how to keep positive forces for individual, group and species, and to know how to liberate from negative forces, locking the individual, degrading the group, and spoiling the species. 
It is sometimes necessary to get back to progress.

We were saying
How very important it is
To bring about
In Human mind
The radical revolution

In Human mind
The radical revolution

The crisis
The crisis
is a crisis in conscience

What the world is now
With all the misery
Destructive brutality
And so on

Man is still as he was

Man is still as he was

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