Image credit  : Conrad H. Waddington, Epigenetic Landscape, in Strategy of the Genes, 1957

Homeorhesis is the property of a complex meta-system to tend to local equilibriums when subjected to both internal and external variations. These equilibriums are dynamic: they change over time and with evolution of the system. Homeorhesis is then the property to tend to lines of equilibriums.

Considered as a whole, the Earth/Human meta-system is perfectly homeorhetical. The permanent actions of humanity constantly change equilibriums, and the whole globally auto-regulates around these moving lines.

This album, under production, aims at illustrating this concept in which we are immersed. It develops elements like genesis of our universe (Branes), relationships between human being and natural cycles of his environment (Circadien), or merging of individuals in a society (La Machine Humaine).

1 – Branes

2 – L’hypothèse Gaïa

3 – Fractale

4 – Circadien

5 – Paradigmes

6 – La Machine Humaine

7 – n-1

8 – Transhumains

9 – La Noosphère